Omg! There's a party at Last Chance, but not the party you'd want to go to. I was out of there in 30mins. I couldn't find my mui mui πŸ˜•. #thrifting #failed #thriftstoreshopper #thrifter #searchingformuimui #shopping #crazyshoppers #phoenixthrifter

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    elena daciuk

    This pic is giving me heart palpatations... Think I'll wait till after the holidays as well

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    @stylingfabulous I would too, it's insane right now. Lots of rude shoppers. I don't care if you need to get by or want something near me and have to reach for it all I asked is RESPECT, and use your manner. It makes me so angry 😑 when they get in front of you to grab something and they say "excuse me" I always have to hold it together because I would like to come back with no problems lol

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    @thereal_cocojenkins this place is insane!! I'd still shop here but not today. It's too much going for me, and the baby screaming in the background while shopping ooOoh gawwwWd..I'm good! Not today devil. Lol

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    I have to mentally prepare myself when going to Last Chance because people can get so crazy there. I like to go on a weekday when most people are at work and I can try to have the store to

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    I was thinking of going tomorrow. Do you know what the sales for this weekend are? I miss their old twitter feed that would list the sales.

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    Shoes are 25% off exclude name brands πŸ€” weird! Seems like all shoes are name brand there. @eunicemiller

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    Me too! I use to go on my lunch break when I used to work around the corner from there but now I go there once in a blue moon @thereal_cocojenkins

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    @phoenixthrifter602 I clearly need to get my finds from THIS store!

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    @phoenixthrifter602 so it's like The Rack meets Goodwill bins , but less ghetto ???

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    @kipkatkm lol yes! And the rich snobby ladies get ghetto as in rude and throwing crap on the floor, walking away from their mess they made and also act as if they're too good to talk to you when they're actually shopping at a used item store lol πŸ˜‚

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    Thanks for the info on the sale. Hmmm, might wait till Friday morning to go. Still a crowd even when I go on workdays, though.

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    Morgan (Harris) Schadegg

    I miss this place! Although it used to be so much better...prices and people. Now everyone is so crazy and rude!

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    Omg! I remember buying my basic tees from here and having to pay $1.97 for them and now they're marked $9.97 😦@morganlschadegg it has changed so much πŸ˜• I'm πŸ˜” sad. You must come to Az often for you to know about Last Chance.

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    Morgan (Harris) Schadegg

    @phoenixthrifter602 yes tell me about it! And the designer items used to be cheap too but now they are crazy expensive (well for LC anyways where they are likely to have stains or holes lol). I went to ASU so I went there while I was in school!

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    @charweezie_1 my legs look so skinny here too bad I gained it all back so quickly.

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    I used to go to that store several years back and it was not as cray as it is now. I went once two years ago and that was the last trip I took there I couldn't deal with the crowds @phoenixthrifter602

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    @rxqnaesthetics oh yes! It's insane in that store. U always gotta walk in there with a mentality of a cheetah, gotta be fast and focus chasing after the goods before it gets snatched up by someone else