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    ✨Jessica ✨

    Our Goodwills use price stickers. They don't mark on the clothing, but do use those colored tags. It's nice that they don't ruin clothing as much or markup too high. Purses and shoes are still $5.99 here

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    Was it real?

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    Samantha Franklin

    Wow! The Goodwill by my house (7th Ave & Indian School) marks up their handbags SO much!!!! I don't see those prices too often on designer!

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    @cutenthrifty yes but not cute 😬as soon as I got my snapshot of the bag a lady behind me snatched up real quick lol I'm not crazy about coach unless it's a vintage

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    @thingstodoinaz you want to hear something crazy? This Goodwill is in Scottsdale

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    @jessthrifted the Goodwill near my house use stickers too, I hate it when they stick it in the leather part of the shoes OmG it's nerve racking when it's time to peel it off for pics.

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    Alex Shadrow | UNItiques CEO

    LOVE your style 💫 would you consider selling our company @unitiques your clothes / starting a store with us? WAY better than any other option - DM us!

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    @phoenixthrifter602 darn!!!!

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    Savers prices are getting ridiculous!