SOOOo.... I saw this earlier at Marshalls/Tjmaxx and thought to myself...Aahhhhh~~~~KATE SPADE! I Open the box and saw that it was an UGAaaaaaaly coffee mug, i was so disappointed. I was expecting a fancy mug but it turned out to a simple green mug. πŸ˜• Kate Spade style is simple so I should have known better. #justsharing #myfinds #myclearancefinds #clearanceshopper #clearanceshopping #thrifter #phoenixthrifter #nancysshoppingagain #ebaygirl by the way thanks to @maggiethrifts for sharing the "yellow tag" sale. I really REALLY appreciate your post. 😘

1/10/2017 7:10:31 AM 9


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    I'm waiting for our red tags over here to turn yellow πŸ˜… prices are crazy right now though thanks for the update!!

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    @_thriftytina mine had just begun today, not everything on the floor are yellow tag so tomorrow after work I will be going back. πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

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    Amy Duong

    I thought the same thing!! Ooh pretty KS box but just a yellow mug

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    Lol you guly lol thats what i say when something is just that 😷

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    Does only decor and clothes get yellow tagged?