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    Wear it for a while then sell it later. They ain't gonna make anymore... so you're money is safe

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    @ncthriftandflip it's in such amazing condition I'm honestly scared to wear it. I'll probably get nacho cheese all over it 😂

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    Hey girl I seen you changed your name up- I'm working on deal hunting and getting back on eBay. U still hitting up cvs? @bellathrifts

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    @jb48045 hey! I've scaled back but I still do a couple deals here & there + clearance. I have a stockpile which will last me a while. The only stuff I need more of is laundry detergent. I want to focus on my eBay business and put more time towards that

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    Same here I'm Prego with twins. Hope u are doing good @bellathrifts

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    @jb48045 Twins?! 😱😱 congrats! I'll tag you in baby deals if I see any

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    Yes twin boys that are identical! Cray cray going from 1-3 so I need ebay back in my life... any good deals for babies would be good @bellathrifts