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    O. P.

    i see her improving but yet she is not a vs material

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    I want to see her in pink, not in the main line

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    Absolutely dis

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    @saraabertolazzi I would be super upset

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    María Paula.

    I'd be upset! All the models in the world can't be in VS only because they have a "pretty face or a good body". Actually that's the problem right now, beautiful but simple girls instead of bombshells, powerful and gorgeous women's.

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    id be upset

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    Forever Iconic

    She is improving but I don't want to see her in VS anytime soon

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    Agree😍 I would love to see her in pink

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    Why does nobody like hailey??

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    Fpr pink she woulf be good

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    S o p h i a

    Disagree her face pisses me of she looks like Meredith @jacqui.bravo

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    gntm. 🌸✨

    I can't understand why Hailey gets hate from ppl who sit behind their screens. I mean I'm not totally agree with this but she's a human too and I think she improves a lot. People hating on her and they don't even try it. Sad.

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    Still better and GiGi or Bella

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    Isadora Sammaio

    i really don't understand ppl who say they would rather die to see hailey's work. i mean, is your life THAT miserable?

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    she's improving but i don't think she's quite on that level yet x

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    um no thanks

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    i can't deny that she's improving loads. if her shoots with vs were her work but even more improved i wouldn't mind.

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    i'd be very upset.

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    NO NO and what was that? nooo

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    Tonje Johansen

    Feel like she fit HF more than VS. same thing about Stella she fits HF more than VS

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    Love herrrrr for me she is better than.Gigi

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    Chahat Singh Jamir

    If VS can have models like Kendall and bella walk their shows then Anybody should be able to walk the runway!smh🙄😑🤔

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    dis, she doesn't fit vs at all

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    Diss wtf is wrong with the world ahaha I mean she isn't a good model, her expressions , walk and poses are BAD .. terrible!

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    couture tale

    @plantbasedbabe_ she's not a bad model, just because of she maybe don't fit VS it don't means she is a bad model, in a HF show a model have to look strong and serious, not smiling and jumping like a little child

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    @couturetale different opinions .. but I think she's not even good in HF 😂 I don't want to fight or something I'm just giving my opinion

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    DISAGREE 100%. We already have Bella, Kendall and Gigi. I have a feeling though (knock on wood) that Vs with hire her for the fashion show this year because it would bring media attention because all the model squad is there.