Since I just started this whole reselling life, I went to the yellow tag sale at TJ Maxx. Don't know if I paid too much or not, but I think I did ok. I would love some advice....did I pay too much? And how much should I list these for maximum profit? I'm willing to sit on them for a bit. Thanks for any advice you have! #reseller #yellowtagsale #ebayseller #ebay #thrifting #ThriftStoreFinds

1/12/2017 11:00:01 AM 3


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    Hi, I recently did the same thing and I realized size matters. Bigger sizes sell so much faster. I score some great items in XS and XXS and they've been just sitting there 😩 try looking at SOLD items on eBay to find your price points. I've been doing that and return anything that I won't profit a lot.