Along our journey, we have met many people who are not familiar with the art of brewing a good cup of green tea. The one mistake that is always made is that green tea is treated like black tea. There is a thing called brewing parameters— a set of factors that can make all the difference in the taste, look and overall quality of a cup of green tea. The three most important brewing factors when making a cup of green tea are a leaf to water ratio, temperature and brewing or steeping time. The key to making an excellent cup of green tea is balancing these three parameters based on your tastes. Leaf to water ratio is about the amount of green leaves that you use compared to the amount of hot water that you use. It’s logical that, if you increase the amount of green tea leaves in a cup, you’ll end up with a stronger taste overall. It follows then that decreasing the amount of leaves in your tea will make it taste weaker. The right leaf to water ratio is the foundation that a good cup of green tea is built on. Temperature is another of the key parameters that will have a significant impact on the overall taste and quality of your tea. A high temperature will make your green tea taste livelier but also bitter. A lower temperature, on the other hand, will make the tea taste sweeter but also more flat. Finally, the length of time that you allow your tea to brew or ‘steep’, is another key parameter you need to be aware of when trying to make a great cup of green tea. How long you leave a tea to brew will naturally impact its final flavour. The key, as we mentioned at the start of the blog, is balance. For every change you make to one parameter you’ll have to make other adjustments to the others in order to keep the right balance. ===> #greentea company #greentea artisan #greentea benefits #greentea addict #greentea love #greentea love r #greentea cup #healthylifestyle #holistichealth #holisticlifestyle #healthytips #ethicalbusiness #qualityproduct #greentea #matcha #sencha #matcha lover #matcha tea #sencha tea #japanesegreentea #japanesegreenteaceremony #greentea ceremony

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